Thursday, December 19, 2013

Amazing Things You'll Get From Substance Abuse Treatment

Entering a substance abuse treatment program can be a difficult decision for many women to make. However, once they go through the process, most women are thrilled with the amazing benefits that they receive.

Substance Abuse Treatment: The Main Point

The main point of substance abuse treatment programs is to help you recover from your addiction. If you are willing to work with the program and the specialists, you improve your chances of reaping the benefits of living a healthier lifestyle. Ultimately, you can develop a life free from drugs and/or alcohol.

A Healthier Body

You are probably aware of the damage that drugs and alcohol can do to your body. Your skin can look dried out, you can develop horrible headaches, and you might start to suffer from terrible types of diseases and withdrawal symptoms. Once the toxins are out of your body for good, you may start to feel better. You might even be encouraged to start exercising and to eat plenty of healthy and delicious foods.

Clearer Mental Outlook

When you are suffering from substance abuse, it is hard to look at the world in a clear and accurate manner. You might be imagining situations that never really happened, or you could become suspicious of all the people who are around you. After going through the substance abuse treatment program, you could have a new look on life, and you might start to see the world for what it is - a beautiful place to live in.

Support System

As you are going through a substance abuse treatment, you're likely to meet with counselors and other professionals who are able to help you out with your situation. Even after you leave the facility, you can continue to receive support from them. Additionally, you will meet people who are in a similar situation, and you can provide support to one another throughout your recovery.

Your New Life

Substance abuse problems can prevent you from having relationships with other individuals, accomplishing your career goals, and succeeding in other areas of life. Once you are done with the substance abuse treatment program, you may be able to turn your life around for the better.

From the mental to the physical and everything in between, such a program can leave a huge impact on your life. Taking the time to better yourself could leave you happier and with less regrets. Why not start today?

If you or a woman you love is having problems with chemical dependency or alcohol problems, a substance abuse treatment program for women may be the answer. Remember that recovery from addiction and alcohol abuse treatment means learning how to cope with intensely emotional situations, and identifying when you need help and support.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Media Need To Shape Up For Drug Prevention

A ban on all kinds of marketing strategies that seek to portray alcohol consumption as normal was proposed by NGOs including Nada India Foundation unanimously, after attending a seminar on “Rampant advertising by alcohol industry in India and need for a national level alcohol control policy”.  Monika Arora, the Director of the health promotions unit of PHFI blamed advertising for promoting the use of alcohol among youth.
“It has been seen that children who are exposed to alcohol use in movies are more likely to have tried alcohol compared to those who have not been exposed,” Arora said.
The report launched on this occasion includes an overview of the alcohol industry in India, its key players, the growth patterns and advertising and promotion of alcohol products in India. “Since alcohol use is interconnected with crime, gender violence and sexual deviance, consequently its control must be the priority for the government and civil society alike,” Planning Commission member Ms. Syeda Hameed said while releasing the report.
This year, India observed three international days on health-related topics: