Thursday, June 20, 2013

Can Anxiety Treatment Improve Your Recovery From Substance Abuse?

Anxiety treatment may not seem like the most necessary addition to a substance abuse treatment program, but for many women dealing with drug and alcohol problems, anxiety is also a major concern. Anxiety treatment might be one of the secondary conditions they are suffering from, especially while undergoing rehab for substance abuse when a woman has a lot on her mind and many concerns about her recovery. But, can the addition of anxiety treatment improve your recovery? Let's look a little bit deeper.

Is Anxiety the Cause?

When people are in substance abuse programs, a treatment team is generally looking for the cause or causes of the substance abuse problem. If anxiety is the reason that you are abusing drugs or alcohol, then anxiety treatment can certainly be a significant help.

Anxiety Treatment: Employing the Methods and Skills To Your Recovery

Even if the particular treatment methods of the treatment program do not speak to your unique situation, they might help indirectly. For example, let's say that you learn a particular skill to help stop the feeling of anxiety when it starts to creep into your mind. This method might also be helpful in learning how to curb your cravings for drugs or alcohol.

Anxiety treatment will teach you many ways to deal with stress and combat feelings of worry or anxiety. These skills can be incredibly helpful during your recover while you're dealing with triggers or in the face of high risk relapse situations.

Although many people feel that anxiety causes substance abuse, remember that it is a two way street. Drug and alcohol abuse might actually have spurred the anxiety. Once you are out of a substance abuse treatment facility, you might start to feel anxious about leaving your treatment support system. Learning healthy methods for dealing with anxiety during your recovery can improve your chances for long-term recovery. While anxiety treatment does not replace the methods used to treat your drug or alcohol abuse issue, it does act as a supplement that helps to improve your well-being as a whole for the long-term.

Additional Resources Are Needed

It's very important not to assume that anxiety treatment is going to magically solve all of your problems. When you are suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, you absolutely must seek out a program that targets the substance abuse as the primary problem and the anxiety as a secondary problem. Both issues should be treated by professionals, but it is important to stop the substance abuse so you have a clear head to address the anxiety problems.

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