Health An alternate therapy to kick your old habits that die hard
It started with just one or two a day and now I can’t live without it. It relieves my stress and makes my mind alert.
How often do we hear people say this when asked to quit smoking or any other addictive habit? For a few, what started off casually as a stress buster grips them so gradually that they don’t realise they are getting addicted. Many people desperately wish to release themselves from a toxic practice, whether it is alcoholism, drug abuse, sexual addiction, negative thinking, insomnia or depression.
To address multiple issues on how to overcome numerous toxic habits, the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA) protocol in association with 7-Radiations-SATCH (Sanctum of Alternate Therapies and Conscious Healing) will conduct a workshop for the first time in the city. The session focuses on complete wellness therapy using standardised auricular-acupuncture techniques that deal with any kind of craving or addiction or emotional, behavioral and mental restlessness. The treatment deals with both acute and chronic pains that many suffer quietly.
Suneel Vatsyayan, Chairman of NADA India Foundation says, “The therapy aims at bringing new life for those who want to overcome any kind of disorder or pathological pain through relaxation techniques.”
J. Maria Doss, a medical practitioner from Bangalore, talks of the benefits of the therapy. “Auricular-acupuncture therapy aims at treating people without using any medicines,” she says. “It is safe and globally accepted technique that has no side effects and follows simple relaxation methods. By identifying the points such as shen men, sympathetic, point zero, tranquilizer and lung point in the auricle (external ear), the urge to smoke or drink will be viewed in a different perspective altogether.” She says the person will be transformed and able to withdraw from any type of addiction.
R. Rachana, alternative therapist of 7-Radiations-SATCH, explains the methods used. “Each treatment is case specific and lies in identifying the right points in the ear. Probes help in identifying the pathological points and treating them accordingly.”
A workshop will be held by NADA protocol on Sunday between 10 a.m. and 5.30 p.m. at 7 Radiations-SATCH, Pedawaltair. The entry fee is Rs. 1000. For further details phone 9885103556 or email