Sunday, November 28, 2010

Inpatient Treatment for Substance Abuse

. Drug addiction is a disease that is incurable, but with willpower, focus and flexibility as well as a good quality treatment program, it can be accomplished. A substance abuse inpatient facility provides excellent treatment and an organized program that will assist the person in adapting to the issues that society brings and confront it head one.

Some addicts will crave for drugs just from initiating the habit of smoking. Not all of them that smoke will do drugs and alcohol, but in most cases drug addict start out with smoking cigarettes and then graduate to marijuana and then begin to abuse harder drugs.

They are always experimenting and trying new things. Smoking becomes an activity that is recreational and when that is not enough, they want to get an even higher feeling by doing drugs such as cocaine and heroin.

Most people that habitually smoke cigarettes on a regular basis are the ones that are curious about marijuana.

Teenagers start out with cigarette smoking and then go on to trying marijuana or reefer and so do adults. When the marijuana no longer gives them that high, they resort to stronger kinds of drugs or even prescribed medication. Over the counter drugs are easier to get so some do resort to that instead. Substance abuse inpatient care treatment will help the individual to commit to a program that will take them on the path to recovery.

People abuse drugs for various reasons. There are some who just want to escape the problems of life. There are some that want to be a part of a group and are influenced by their peers. There are some that participate when they are in a social gathering and then there are others who don't know their reason. Family history of addiction can be a result of some people's drug and alcoholic abuse.

Substance abuse inpatient care programs offer individualized treatment that gives these individuals who are defiant the opportunity to come to terms with their issues, deal with those issues and correct them. They are offered life skills as well as social skills to help them to handle the pressures of life.

Someone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol generally is a person who has no self confidence, lonely, uncertain of why they were born and depressed. These are the people that search for a substitute to deal with the problems that they are faced with every day. Some people may think of these addicts as being cowardly, but they are really people who are hurting and need a helping hand to guide them to a place where they feel comfortable in regaining confidence and living a normal life.

Someone who is heavily into alcoholism and drug addiction will assume that there is no help or that it is not necessary. They will think that their sobriety can happen when they are good and ready. In the meantime, the will continue to steal from family members to get drugs and alcohol. The results are catastrophic and that is why substance abuse inpatient care is important.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Significance OF Drug Treatment Centers

The main purpose of these centres is to enable the patient to cease substance abuse in order to avoid the various consequences such as psychological, legal, financial and social. There are various or different types of programs offer by rehab centers chicago including residential treatment, local support groups, extended care centres and different recovery houses.

Various treatment centres offer age and gender specific programs. According to the survey it shows that effective treatment attends various needs of the addict person and not his/her drug abuse. Furthermore, detoxification is considered to be the first stage in the treatment of drug addiction and it does not help much to change long term drug addiction.

According to the professionals that medication and behavioural therapy are very important and significant for the treatment of drug addiction.

Every kind of drug treatment includes all aspects of patient's life such as medical and health services and support system from the family and community.
Furthermore, cocaine addiction treatment provide medication, guidance and perfect environment needed, along with the doctors and staff qualified in order to help and support the patients and assist and guide them with their habits. Despite of this, patients are expected to additionally want to interrupt free from these addictions, since once rehabilitation they're going to reincorporate into society.


Therefore, if the patient is strongly smitten by the substance, many centres give facilities because the ones listed at the beginning: residential treatment, recovery homes and sober homes. Alternative centres might aim to an additional general addiction and work higher with counselling and alternative similar methods. For individuals smitten by prescribed drugs, treatments tend to be kind of like people who are smitten by medication affecting constant brain systems.

On the whole after discussing the concept of drug treatment centres it is easy to conclude that these centres also provide motivational incentives for the addictive patients. These incentives take advantage of positive and favourable reinforcement in order to encourage abstinence from the addictive substance.


These centres offer many facilities and services for the drug addictive people. These centres play a very important and significant role in order to bring the addicted person on the right path or way. So any person who is drug addicted their loved ones should bring him/her into these treatment centres for the proper treatment and guidance.


Friday, November 12, 2010

Drug Rehabs for Women

Drug rehab for women are specialized facilities that are intended to meet the specific demands and needs for women. Most women who are addicted to drugs find themselves searching for drug rehab centers that have a standard treatment program that is not gender specific. An addiction to drugs is a very serious, chronic and potentially relapsing problem that both men and women face. In women, however, drug abuse many times present different issues, including those of health, sociological, and physical.
To create a successful drug rehab program for women, it must first be understood the subject you are dealing with. Many women who abuse drugs have at sometime in their lives faced major challenges that triggered an addiction. Research has show that nearly 70% of women who abuse drugs have reported histories of either physical or sexual abuse.

Research has also shown that women report a history of parental alcohol or drug abuse, which leads them to the addiction. Low self-esteem and mental health problems, which are also prominent in women who abuse drugs, are similar in that they manifest as both causal agents and consequences of drug abuse.
Many drug rehab centers in California offer an inviting, home feel which allows many drug addicted women to lower their defenses. Many times women are reluctant to enter a drug rehab center because they are fearful of what will happen. They fear not being able to take care of their children. Many women may have a fear of rejection from their husband or boyfriend who may continue to abuse drugs; in fact many times it is the husband or boyfriend who initially introduced them to the drugs. Possibly one of the most important aspects to refusing treatment in a woman’s fear of what her friends, family, co-workers and members of the community might think.

According to clinical psychologist and researcher, Suzette Glasner-Edwards,Ph.D., “Women are particularly vulnerable because they more frequently have underlying psychological issues like depression or anxiety.” She goes on to state “Taking drugs is more of a means for self-medication for women, and for men, it’s more thrill-seeking behavior.”
With this in mind it is important that drug rehabs for women address specific needs of a women addict such as:
- Low Self Esteem

- Depression

- Physical Abuse

- Mental Abuse

- Poor nutrition and below-average weight
Drug rehabs for women not only address these afore mentioned issues they also offer many services that would make a reluctant addict woman feel more comfortable. Small intimate groups allow a drug addicted woman to feel more comfortable in opening up and sharing personal experiences. Many of these comprehensive services include:

- Family Therapy

- Job Training

- Legal Assistance
- Food, Clothing and shelter

- Medical treatment

- Child care

- Social services

- Social support

- Family planning services

- Transportation
Successful Drug Rehab programs in California do not offer just 30 or 90 day programs for their patients, the reason for this is because many times a woman without the proper support system is more likely to relapse back into drug abuse. In fact many times drug rehab centers in California and other states offer after the initial 90 treatment sober living houses until they accomplish at least one year of sobriety. Sober living program allows women to move back toward a normal lifestyle, taking on employment, schooling, and other responsibilities, while maintaining a familiar support network. As life changes drastically it is more important than ever to have these constant elements of strength in recovery.
When choosing a drug rehab for women many steps should be taken. First choose a facility that specializes in treatment for women. Secondly choose a drug center that offers an inviting, caring and warm atmosphere. This will lead to a potentially higher success rate in the drug addicted woman.

Safe Harbor Treatment Center for Women is a warm, inviting, safe haven for addicts located in Costa Mesa, California that specializes in drug rehab for women. Safe Harbor treats many types of drug addiction and their drug rehab programs are designed specifically for women. For more information on drug rehab centers in California visit or email.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Substance abuse: life threatening habit

Addictions can be of varied types. Some of the addictions could be using drugs like hash, cocaine etc, some addicts use medicines which have soothing and relaxing effect on mind and body like oxycontin etc., some of the people follow the most easily accessible addictive, alcohol. Alcohol addiction begins as social habit, which eventually turns into an addiction. People suffer on personal as well as professional front due to addiction. Basically, addiction means physical and psychological dependence on substance that are psychoactive. These substances get beyond the brain and blood barrier after they are ingested into the body. Their grasp is so effective, that the person actually gets under their influence and cannot control own activities.

These substances alter the chemical environment in the brain.

Once the brain gets influenced by the secretion of chemical substances from the drugs, activities get automatically influenced. A person gets completely influenced by these psychoactive substances. An addiction is not always substance related, there are various types of addictions such as compulsive shopping, compulsive cleanliness etc. A compulsive repetitive activity can also be tagged as addiction. It is well described in one of the online encyclopedias that, in a non substantive addiction a recurring compulsion by an individual to engage in some specific activity, is observed, despite harmful consequences, as deemed by the user himself to his individual health, mental state, or social life.

Adderall (adderrall) is an amphetamine.Adderall abuse is one of the problems majorly faced by the youth. This is a drug used mainly for more concentration. It is commonly prescribed by the physicians to those students who face problems due to lack of concentration. It is a study drug, many have nick- named it as "college crack". Students who take Adderall for studying report that they can concentrate on their books for hours at a time, and can then do better on the subsequent exam than they would without the drug.

This drug helps in increasing the concentration levels, which help the students in studies mainly. But the addiction of this drug does not limit itself to the youth only; it has spread its impact among the adults as well. Cutting off the supply of this drug may turn into more dangerous. It is always recommended to seek help of the experts in this matter. The withdrawal symptoms are mental depression, nausea or vomiting, stomach cramps or pain, trembling, unusual tiredness or weakness.