Friday, October 29, 2010

Suicide and Teen Drug Abuse

Teenagers travel through many emotional and physical changes, that may include mood swings, a withdrawn personality or very noticeable fashion amendments.  Being a teenager is often about fitting in with a respective crowd of people, fashionably looking like the majority and learning to be independent.  In these changes the pressures to use and/or abuse drugs are often quite common.  Unfortunately, these cases of drug abuse have been reported to lead to a large number of suicides in young adults.

There are many symptoms that parents may notice to lead them to believe that their child may be using and/or abusing drugs.  These symptoms may include, but are not limited to hanging out with new friends, spending a lot of time alone in their room and/or a major change in school grades or sport’s team efforts.  As with most drugs, it is difficult to stop using them after full-on drug abuse has begun.  In which case, some teens are hesitant to reach out to a loved one, or speak with their parents about the situation they have fallen into.

Death in teenagers can come into the picture for several variant reasons when in relation to drugs.  The number one reason for deaths in teens, relating to drugs - is overdose.  A teen may overdose on drugs due to not knowing how much of a given drug is too much for their body to handle, peer/social pressure or being drugged unknowingly by friends or school acquaintances.

So where do the suicide tendencies come in?  Suicide is the third highest cause of death in teenagers and young adults.  A majority of these deaths do involve drugs.  When a young adult is heavily using drugs they may start to see their life unclearly.  They may feel as if there is no way to come off of the drug, or no way in which to tell their loved ones/parents,  When this is the case, a teen may feel like their only solution to the problem (drug abuse) is suicide, unfortunately.

A good practice is to speak regularly to your teenage son or daughter about their day, and any problems they may be experiencing.  The better they feel about talking to you, the better the chance they might come to you with a drug abuse problem.

If you have a son or daughter that you believe may be abusing drugs, which is in turn, negatively affecting their life, contact a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center.

With a medical team and counselors within that center, you have a group of knowledgeable professionals at your fingertips. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. It’s never too late to help your teenager, help them self.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Congenial drug treatment programs

Research reports have shown serious concerns about the assertiveness of the drug therapists that are often exhibited on the poor addicts. Gone are the days, when the drug addicts used to face a repulsive environment like convicts. The modern outlook always emphasizes on luxury and comfort that enables an addict to rehabilitate faster. It is the transparency that makes an Alcohol treatment center unique.

The increasingly inter dependant world focuses on developing harmonious relationship. When the center with exclusive Drug treatment programs offers innovative programs, it is bound to yield. The openness and responsible conduct are necessary. If the drug addict is routed through the series of group events and workshops, they regain their mental strength.

Any modern drug or alcohol treatment center always relies on the shared value of opinions. When the center shows due diligence to the opinions of the addicts and create a congenial environment, he finds it as his second home.

Never worry! You are not to go through the rigmarole of selecting the right drug rehab center. While Luxury Drug Rehab guarantees to find, collate and present the host of selected Drug treatment programs, they also list out the best programs. They are always ready to launch a dialogue to understand your problems and explore various options for you. If the addict or his close associate comes up with the problems, the experts can find you the right center and program that suit you the most.

Drug addiction is not always a crime. It is the string of incidents or lack of self control that has prompted him to traverse through the dark valley of drug addiction. The treatment center must be able to show apathy in their process for a faster and proper recovery. The time has come, when you should be able to show resilience to the traditional culture. Come out of your shell and contact Luxury Drug Rehab Center today!

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Affordable Drug Rehab

Affordable drug rehab no longer need be an oxymoron.

With the increasing number of Addiction Treatment in Florida, there has been a proportional increase in the demand for your limited healthcare dollars. This competition has bred vastly improved cost-efficiency.

Some suggest, too, that the growing pressure from the health insurance industry to keep costs down has helped in making affordable drug rehab a possibility, even for those without healthcare coverage.

Whatever the causes, there’s now no reason not to seek assistance for substance abuse.

Affordable Addiction Treatment in Florida is available for those in need.


Addiction, whether to drugs or alcohol, left unchecked, is a terminal illness; there is no cure in the traditional sense.

It’s a disease with many physical and mental manifestations, and life-threatening at any stage.

Intractable substance abuse can cause numerous chronic bodily dysfunctions (diabetes, weight gain or weight loss, gastrointestinal distress, improper liver function, pancreatitis, neurological problems, fatigue, etc.).

Alcohol and drug abuse aggravate existing mental illnesses such as depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and symptoms of PTSD.

Active addiction, no matter the substance(s) involved, also seems to cause new mental difficulties: paranoia, mania, anxiety, depression, confusion, somnolence, insomnia, sexual dysfunction, among others.

Addiction is characterized by increasing tolerance. Once the alcoholic or addict, often sooner rather than later, becomes accustomed to the presence of a chemical in the body, he or she begins to require more and more of that chemical in order to achieve the same effect. That is, the body and mind become chemically dependent upon the substance(s) abused, in ever increasing amounts, just to feel “normal.” Tolerance is a common, frightening factor is overdoses.

Progression is also a symptom in the disease of addiction. Even if an addict or alcoholic somehow manages a period of abstinence, a return to their drug of choice — a “relapse”
– puts them exactly where they were previously, physically and mentally.


It’s unfortunate, unfair, even sad, but costs are normally an issue when seeking treatment for chemical dependency. But the days of costs being an impossible hurdle seem to be over.

The best payment option is, of course, the use of health insurance benefits for substance abuse treatment. Health insurance though is not presently enjoyed by, or even available to, all.

Self-pay may be a possibility for a fortunate few to consider. While even affordable drug rehab programs are not cheap, they are usually a lot less expensive than active addiction. It’s possible to negotiate with the treatment center for a reduction in costs.

Financing, at reasonable rates, is usually available through lenders specializing in healthcare.

Scholarships, offered by the treatment facility and some social services organizations, are sometimes available.

Additionally, there are not-for-profit and public possibilities for no-cost or low-cost, affordable drug rehab programs. Check with local mental health departments or use your favorite Internet search engine.

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Holistic Drug Addiction Treatment

Drug addiction is one of the gravest dangers being faced by mankind. The war against drugs is fought in two different levels. Governments around the globe are trying to cut production and supply of drugs, while enlightened souls amongst us are trying to educate people about its pitfalls and trying to pull up those unfortunate souls who have already fallen into this quagmire by way of drug addiction treatment.

Medicated drug addiction treatment has been in vogue for decades. But they could not achieve the desired success levels. Recent researches have opened doors for drug-free and natural drug addiction treatment methods. The most prominent find here is the Narconon method, which advocates treating drug addicts in two distinct steps.

The first step addresses the physical aspect of drug addiction while the other tries to find solutions to the emotional factor.

As we know, prolonged exposure to harmful drugs leaves some toxins in our body. These chemical remnants make an addict crave for more drugs. The addict is made to go through strenuous exercises, meditation, swimming etc and along with having nourishing natural foods. After some time, the body learns to cope with unavailability of drugs and starts functioning normally.

The second step is a series of teaching therapies. People usually resort to drugs to escape from reality, responsibilities, loss of loved ones etc. It is this volatile mental state of the addict that the second step of drug rehab cures. One-on-one counselling, group activities and interaction with ex-addicts are part of this education package. These comprehensive rehabilitation measures have saved many lives which would have otherwise gone into the drain unloved and uncared for.