Sunday, September 26, 2010

Campus Substance Abuse Growing Each Year

Campuses around the globe have been known for the continual influx of substance abuse in students over the years.  Although, it continues to grow, especially within the United States.  For years, abusing alcohol and drugs on a college/university campus has been somewhat of a rite of passage or a statement of freedom.  Although the effects of these rites and statements can often be quite frightening.

Experimentation of drug use and abuse is starting younger and younger in children’s lives, although a large amount of this experimentation can begin on a college campus.  Without the construction of parental boundaries, teenagers and young adults in their early twenties continue to push the drug and alcohol limitations.  These experiments with drugs and alcohol may be the start of a long life of substance abuse and addiction if not caught in their early stages.

Alcohol is definitely seen to be the most popular of substances abused on campuses, although the rate as which prescription drugs are being use, becomes higher with each passing year.  Marijuana, seen to be the leading gateway drug of the nation, is also a substance that is becoming abused more with each passing year.

When a study was done at Columbia University for an article on campus substance abuse and its relationship to addiction, there were many informative reports recorded.  Here are some of the highlighted facts regarding students and on-campus drug and alcohol abuse at Columbia in these such findings:

In nineteen ninety-three over five percent of students were using illegal drugs other than that of marijuana.  These drug included, but were not limited to:  heroine, cocaine, acid, and mushrooms.  Within twelve years, the percentage has now increased to over eight percent of students reported to be using these same illegal drugs, and more.

With respects to prescription drugs, Columbia students reported in nineteen ninety-three, to only have less than one percent using and/or abusing.  Then, as of ten years later, over three percent of students had been reported to be using prescription drugs as a hobby, on weekends, and during party scenes.  The most popularly abused prescription medications reported were OxyCotin and Percocet.

Although the number of students reported to drink alcohol during their campus experience has remained in regular flux over the years, the amount of binge drinking students has increased incredibly.  In nineteen ninety-three only a little over nineteen percent of students had reported to have had a bring drinking spree once or more in their college/university experience.  Then, in two thousand and five, over eighty percent of students were said to have not only been binge drinking on a regular basis, but some were included in arrests due to this drinking.

Administrators, faculty and staff can only do so much on campus, and parents are often miles away.  Educating young adults on the dangers of substance abuse is important before they leave the nest.  This will hopefully leave a lasting impressing within them that they will turn to in a questionable drug and alcohol related situation on campus.

If you have a student that is abusing drugs or alcohol and may need assistance, it is always in the best interest of a family to direct questions and concerns to a professional.  Inquiring with a professional drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, may give you and your family the answers you need to stop the alcohol or drug abuse before it leads to even more harmful outcomes.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Panic Attack Treatment Drugs

The most common panic attack treatment drugs are Xanax and Valium. Many doctors prescribe these medications because patients think they will cure panic attacks. There is no cure for a panic attack; there is only treatment to minimize the trigger of an attack. People who suffer from panic attacks seldom try to treat the problem; they are not educated on the different treatment methods that do not require medication.

If somebody is suffering from frequent anxiety attacks they need to find out what the root of the problem is. This can be done through counseling, the non-traditional way of discovering the root of this anxiety triggered disorder can eliminate the use of panic attack treatment drugs. It is imperative that other options are explored besides medication.

Exercise and increasing your mobility to gain control over a potential panic attack is paramount.

Starting an exercise program should help you to practice breathing and get essential muscles working such as the heart and lungs. Often times a person who suffers a anxiety attack begins to breathe heavily and they loose control and pass out.

Panic attack treatment drugs will not cure a anxiety attack, they will only minimize the symptoms and there for are not in the patients best interest. Other exercise programs that are low impact or ones with no impact can be helpful for those people who cannot exert much effort during exercise due to an injury. Some injuries trigger anxiety attacks.

The medical community is not generally keen on natural remedies in lieu of panic attack treatment drugs. Its not that they are against them but generally a doctor will only prescribe what a patient requests based on the history of the person. Naturally eliminating anxiety attacks is far better for your health and will help you to develop good habits in the meantime.

One thing to take into account is what triggers a anxiety attack and then seek a natural solution. Panic attack treatment drugs are expensive and after a while you build up immunity or your brain convinces you that they are not working properly. When you find out what the triggers are for a panic attack you can start to dismantle the reasons why you have them. This is not self surgery, you are trying to find out why they occur and then proceed from there.

There are many reasons why people have anxiety attacks. Stress can cause episodes and panic attack treatment drugs can also be part of the problem. If you become dependent then your health will be at risk. It's best to stop drinking beverages that have caffeine in them; soda, tea and coffee have high levels of this addictive chemical. Drink plenty of water and find an approved exercise program from your doctor.

A proper diet is very important when trying to eliminate the triggers of a anxiety attack. Getting enough rest is part of your diet as well; a well rested person does not rely on panic attack treatment drugs to move forward from this problem. Introduce fruits and vegetables into your system to give you the right balance. Becoming more controlled over your life's habits will help to eliminate the need for medication.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Adolescent Substance Abuse

It is very imperative that parents and individuals who work closely with teenagers look out for the symbols of drug abuse. Being perceptive to these signs will get the teenager to have some sort of intrusion plan commenced on their behalf.

Teenagers, today, are greatly involved in drugs of various kinds such as prescription pills, marijuana, and additional drugs. According to a study that was formerly done on teenagers, it was stated that more than one million of them were mixed up with some kind of drugs at the age of 17. This is a very astounding statistics that should make us want to offer help to these teenagers to get them off of drugs.

Learning the signs of the addiction will help to distinguish substance abuse and be able to give a helping hand to teenagers in order to stop them from using and abusing drugs. Getting teenagers into a substance abuse adulterant facility is suggested because there they will get the suitable assistance that is essential to combat the habit of addiction.

If your teenager is a drug user, some of the signs to look out for are weight loss, isolation from the public and family; failing school grades, temper tantrums and much more.

If you want to have an idea of what is involved with substance abuse adolescent, you can check your local library or book store. The Internet also provides essential information that is detailed.

In the addiction world, there are various drugs to learn about to get an idea of what to look for. Each drug has similar consequences and symptoms. Cocaine, crack and marijuana as well as prescription pills are the ones that are prevalent. If you get enough information about drugs, you may be able to stop your teenager from abusing drugs before it is too late.

There are many teenagers that are obsessed with drugs which are readily available. Some prescription pills can be bought over the counter such as cough and cold medicine. Some will try to give good reason for using this type of medication and think that it is not dangerous. Parents need to keep an eye on their children and pay close attention to their medicine chest to see if there is any improper use of these medications by their teenagers. Once an abuse is assumed, parents should lock up their medicine chest and accept the fact that their teenager needs professional assistance.

Whether you want to come to terms with it or not, your teenage can get addicted to these as well. This is a sign that they are trying to find a way of numbing some kind of inner pain that they are experiencing. Finding out what is really going on is the only way that the parent or anyone else can offer help to them.

At the substance abuse adolescent center, the teenager will get the precise behavioral therapy and treatment which allows them to recognize why they take drugs and how to get rid of the routine use of drugs.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Faith Based Drug Rehab

Rehabilitation is an answer for those who are addicted to drugs, alcohol, tobacco etc. No rehabilitation center can help an addict unless the addict is interested and co-operative. This means that the rehabilitation center may have excellent staff and excellent plans to make an addict return to sobriety but unless the addict doesn't follow them, everything may seem futile.

There are specific rehabilitation programs for different addictions and if one cannot find the location, one can go to one's church and ask details about a Christian drug rehabilitation and one can definitely find the answer to it. Once a person gets enrolled into a Christian rehab center one can be assured to find a spiritual way of healing oneself, where one is made aware that nothing can be achieved with the help of God and whatever happens to a person, it is his as well as God's responsibility.

Some things that one needs to take care of while choosing a rehab center are, how early have the people been able to return to sobriety and retain the same after being treated in a particular rehab center, whether the center is well managed and clean and had good facilities.

It is also important to understand whether the rehab center can help one form a treatment plan, if one's insurance does not cover it.

If a particular drug rehab fulfills all the above requirements, one can definitely opt for that center with utmost faith and positive attitude even if they are not Christian rehab centers.