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Drug Abuse and Its Treatment Programs

Drug Abuse and addiction to substances has become a very common phenomenon nowadays, especially in the richer countries of the Planet. As the rhythm of our lives becomes more and more frantic and exhausting, people tend to suffer from emotional and personal issues, or professional setbacks. Especially in periods such as the current, tight budgets and uncertainty can lead people to drug consumption. What is, though, the most proper Drug Abuse Treatment?

In order to find the appropriate response to this question we need to consider that drug abuse is much more than a bad habit; people go through complicated and harsh periods in their life, therefore they need an effective and efficient treatment to overcome their addiction. Drug abuse help is needed to anyone who suffers from addiction or abuse of substances.

There are numerous treatment programs available in the world today.

The most successful programs work on several levels as they need to provide the necessary counseling, intervention and administration of medicines. The goal is to help the patient go through the first difficult period of detoxification, which is considered to be the hardest one in the whole process because the symptoms of withdrawal kick in. It is important to mention though that the determination and focus of the patient on the goal is of significant importance for the positive outcome of any kind of program.

Choosing the proper and most suitable treatment program could be a daunting task, not only due to the complexity of the problem, but also due to the vast array of available options. Sometimes, patients are going through such an emotional and physical disarray and agitation that cannot make the right decision for themselves. Should they opt for an outpatient program or a residential program? Is intensive care prudent and right? There are numerous drug abuse help programs available today.

These are questions that need to be answered by a professional who can provide the necessary help to both patients and their families.

Friday, April 16, 2010

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Each client has to seen as a unique case, within the broad therapy outlines. The personalized treatment is viewed as long-term and can be begun at whatever stage of recovery the client is in- Empathy, hope and a suitable approach to the problem are at the foundation of integrated treatment.


For any substance abuser the first step in treatment observed at AREL is detoxification – a period of time during which the body is allowed to cleanse itself of alcohol or drugs. This takes place under medical supervision.  It can take a few days to a week or more, depending on what substances the person abused and for how long.
Once detoxification is completed, it’s time for dual treatment; rehabilitation for the alcohol or drug problem and treatment for the psychiatric problem.

Rehabilitation for a substance abuse problem usually involves individual and group psychotherapy, education about alcohol and drugs and consequences of addiction, exercise including Yoga, meditation, proper nutrition, and participation in the 12-step recovery program.

The idea is not just to stay off booze and drugs, but to learn to enjoy life without these “crutches.” Clients are placed in recovery groups where theywill learn how others stopped drinking or using, how to cope with cravings and urges to drink or use, and how to live comfortably without the use of alcohol or drugs.

Treatment for a psychiatric problem depends upon the diagnosis.  For most disorders, individual and group therapy as well as medications are recommended.  Expressive therapies and education about the particular psychiatric condition are often useful adjuncts, since insight ensures better compliance with medication.

Talk therapy (psychotherapy) can help you learn to cope with symptoms of psychiatric illnesses and change the patterns of thinking that may be making them worse. Therapy can also help you look at your drinking/using habits and work on staying clean and sober
Medication to help with symptoms of illnesses may be prescribed by the physician or psychiatrist. A physician and a Psychiatrist  come in for regular checkup and assessments on the patients/clients

Problems as a result of dual diagnosis

A variety of problems are possible as a result of a dual diagnosis. For example:

Psychiatric symptoms may be covered up or masked by alcohol or drug use
Alcohol or drug use or the withdrawal from alcohol or other drugs can mimic or give the appearance of some psychiatric illness
Untreated chemical dependency can contribute to a reoccurrence of psychiatric symptoms
Untreated psychiatric illness can contribute to an alcohol or drug relapse
Family problems or problems in intimate relationships
Isolation and social withdrawal
Financial problems
Employment or school problems
High risk behavior while driving
Multiple admission for chemical dependency services due to relapse
Multiple admissions for psychiatric care
Increased emergency room admissions

Recovery depends on treating both the addiction and the mental health problem

Arel Hope recognizes that whether your mental health or substance abuse problem came first, recovery depends on treating both illnesses. The good news is that most people suffering from co-occurring addiction and mental health problems are able to recover, given proper treatment and support.

It is possible. Recovering from co-occurring disorders takes patience, care and time. It is also important for the correct diagnosis to be made which facilitates recovery. It may take months or even years. But people with substance abuse and mental health problems can and do get better, with proper treatment.
Arel Hope provides integrated and holistic treatment. The best chance of recovery is through integrated treatment for both the substance abuse and the psychiatric illness. This means getting combined mental health and addiction treatment at one place
Relapses are part of the recovery process. With every relapse, the chance for recovery is greater. Relapse is a part of recovery and we encourage joining a self-help support group like Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous where the client is given a chance to share experience and strength and to learn from others’ experiences. Therefore, clients at Arel Hope are sensitized and introduced to AA / NA, while the family is encouraged to attend Al-anon meetings

What is the Role of the Patient’s Family in Treatment?

With both rehabilitation for substance abuse and treatment for a psychiatric problem, education, counseling sessions, and support groups for the patient’s family are important aspects of overall care.  The greater the family’s understanding of the problems, the higher the chances the patient will have a lasting recovery. Arel Hope puts great emphasis on family involvement in the recovery process.

How Can Family and Friends Help with Recovery from the Substance Abuse?

They need to learn to stop ‘enabling’.  Enabling is acting in ways that essentially help or encourage the person to maintain their habit of drinking or getting high.  For instance, a woman whose husband routinely drinks too much might call in sick for him when he is too drunk to go to work.  The family goes on rescuing, protecting and tolerating the addict’s behaviour. That’s enabling.  Likewise, family members or friends might give an addict money which is used to buy drugs, because they’re either sorry for him or afraid of him.  That’s enabling also.

When family and friends participate in the recovery program, they learn how to stop enabling.  If they act on what they’ve learned, the recovering substance abuser is much less likely to relapse into drinking or taking drugs. Moreover, participation in family support groups such as Al-anon initiates a process of healing for the family members.

How Can Family and Friends Help with Recovery from a Psychiatric Condition?

They should be calm and understanding, rather than frightened or critical.  They should be warm and open, rather than cool or cautious.  Although it is fine to ask the person matter-of-factly about the psychiatric treatment, that shouldn’t be the only focus of conversation.

Arel Hope regularly updates family about the client’s progress. However, the family needs to recognize that treatment may take significant time (longer duration than treatment for just addiction problem).


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Substance abuse: a killing machine!

Methamphetamine is a drug usually known as Meth, by the substance abusers. One of the early inventions shows that it was first synthesized by a Japanese chemist in the year 1893. This drug is used for the treatment of narcolepsy. It was commonly used during the II World War. It was used by the axis and allied forces. This drug was commonly used and distributed amongst the top army officials to basic grade army men. methamphetamine addiction can be a serious problem due to its psycho-stimulant properties. This drug causes euphoria, anxiety, aggression, self confidence etc. physically it has many adverse effects such as memory loss, aggression, psychotic behavior, heart damage, malnutrition, and severe dental problems to name a few.

Initially only limited to Hawaii and western parts of the country, methamphetamine abuse continuously spread towards east and it affected the rural and urban areas increasingly. According to one national survey, approximately 10 million people in the United States have tried methamphetamine at least once in their lifetime. This drug can be taken intravenously or smoked.

Marijuana addiction is another type of addiction which is commonly found among any age. This drug has special properties. Marijuana releases serotonin which is a chemical in the brain that triggers a feeling of pleasure. The most common method for using this drug is to place the dried leaves, stems, and flowers of this plant onto rolling paper and make it into a cigarette, to be smoked. It can also be smoked in a water pipe or other metal or glass pipe. This drug can also be put in food products or be mixed with coffee or tea.When someone smokes Marijuana regularly the brain gets used to higher amounts of serotonin production than normal , so when these addicts try to quit smoking this drug, then the production drops , followed by which they experience a mild mental withdrawal from the dependence on the previously increased levels of serotonin and the pleasure it brought along with. When one gets used to the high, it becomes very difficult to refrain oneself from smoking it. The addicts try to find new ways to justify their addiction. marijuana drug rehab follows a holistic treatment for recovery separately for every individual.

Any type of addiction is characterized as killing if not detected or treated at earliest. It can be very fatal and take life!